S1de ONE Colors Continue to Evolve

New colors expand creative opportunities for architects and interior designers

s1de ONE inks with Dip-Tech technology for digital application printed by Modern Glass at Russia at the Concert Hall in the Moscow International Business Center



Architects and interior designers gain creative freedom with Ferro’s extensive line of s1de ONE inks

In the past, the lead-free glass enamels typically used for architectural glass imposed many design restrictions on architects as they could be applied only on the inside surface of the glass. This meant the decoration was always viewed through the glass, distorting the design, and only allowing for ‘fat’ transparent colors.

Ferro’s lead-free s1de ONE inks, designed to be applied directly on the exterior surface of the glass, solve that limitation. They provide outstanding weather-resistance and high-durability performance, meeting the required industry tests for mechanical and chemical resistance needed for outdoor installations. As such, these inks give architects and glass processors a wealth of new opportunities to expand their design ideas leveraging a wider range of surface and decorative effects. Our s1de ONE inks can deliver opaque colors, create a textured look, and be used to imitate materials like aluminum, wood and stone.

Concert Hall in the Moscow International Business Centre
Moscow City, Modern Glass*

s1de ONE inks make a global impact

Leading architects from around the world welcome the new opportunities Ferro s1de ONE inks bring to realizing their dreams and successfully executing their projects.

Since their debut in 2007, innumerable projects have been completed using Ferro s1de ONE colors, illustrating both their durability and aesthetic qualities.

A prime example is the U-Arena, situated at La Défense in the heart of Paris, France. Opened in October 2017 as a sports and concert venue, its modular design means it can be adjusted to accommodate crowds of anywhere from 10,000-40,000 people, as needed.

The award-winning design features glass supplied by Flachglas Wernberg, coated with Ferro 194100 s1de ONE white.

The digital advantage to s1de ONE inks

The introduction of digital printing technology adds an extra dimension, greatly expanding the design and color possibilities for outside glass surfaces.

Our Dip-Tech business is a pioneer in the development of digital ceramic glass printing. Prior to becoming part of the Ferro family, Dip-Tech had developed a strong line of black and white color for printing on ‘surface 1’ as well as the glass printers themselves. Working together, our engineers have been able to take the entire digital solution further – improving and expanding the available range of digital inks and helping to facilitate design opportunities that were once limited, costly or simply impossible to achieve.

In addition, to design and beautification purposes, digital s1de ONE inks support numerous functional applications such as anti-bird collision designs printed on windows. They also successfully address numerous engineering, ecological and privacy concerns.

In glass building facades, the ability to control ink coverage and transmittance of light can create a unique look on the glass, while reducing reflection and controlling interior light and temperature. Custom patterns printed in a mixture of black and white onto the external face of glass doors and windows can enable natural flow of light while providing an excellent solution for reduced glare and refection of external views.

Countless architectural projects around the world use our surface 1 digital print solution, including the glass elements made by Modern Glass, Russia for the Concert Hall in the Moscow International Business Centre, whose exterior resembles an inlaid clock-face, with a unique translucent dome in the middle, in the form of a clock. Only s1de ONE inks for digital application technology can achieve such special effects with high brilliance of colors and design flexibility.

s1de ONE inks for digital application technology made by Modern Glass at Russia for the Concert Hall in the Moscow International Business Centre

Moscow City, 
Printed By: Modern Glass, Architect: FUN GENERATION 

Extensive digital color range 

Driven by the quest from stakeholders, such as architects (who are always looking for new materials, surface properties and opportunities), our original s1de ONE selection of black, white, frost-effect, and a range of colors has recently been extended to include metallic effect and anti-slip inks, as well as matt versions of our colors including blues, green, yellow and red-brown.

With these matt enamels, architects can now create a coating on the glass surface with a look and feel like natural stone, while maintaining the advantages of glass as a cladding material. And, since all our matt and glossy s1de ONE ink shades are compatible, Ferro is now able to provide architects and designers with individually specified gloss levels for all standard shades as well as mixtures of these in the RAL, Pantone or NCS color ranges.


Ferro’s special functionality inks for digital printing on architectural glass include Extra Durable...