Our Commitment

The ongoing success of Ferro is dependent upon conducting business with integrity and in full compliance with regulations, legislation, and our own corporate management policies and procedures.

Ethical and compliant business behavior reflects our corporate values. Ferro depends on you to maintain a business environment of integrity and respect.

Reporting your concerns is an important part of maintaining our culture of compliance and respect. While Ferro encourages the reporting of issues directly to individuals within the Company, there may be times when is person is not comfortable doing so. This web portal provides an alternative to direct internal reporting. Concerns may be reported anonymously in most countries, but it is preferred that you include your identity to allow the Company to contact you in the event further information is needed. In Touch will send any information provided through this portal to the Ferro Law Department. We will seek to maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality with the information provided.

Employees, contractors, or any non-company person can submit a question or ethical concern through this web portal. Retaliation against individuals who report in good faith potential ethical and legal misconduct is prohibited.

For Individuals in the European Union In the EU, Legal and Ethical Conduct Hotline may be used only in respect to issues relating to internal controls in the areas of finance, accounting, banking and anti-corruption. You may submit a report in an anonymous way without providing your name. However, we strongly encourage you to identify yourself and to provide as much detail as possible regarding your allegation. Your privacy will be maintained in accordance with European data protection laws. If your allegation or concern regards an area other than outlined above, please contact local management or human resources.

For additional information about seeking advice or reporting concerns and violations, or about Ferro's Legal and Ethical Conduct Hotline, please consult Ferro's Code of Business Conduct.


 Country Hotline Number
Argentina 0800-222-0122
Australia 1-800-088-555
Belgium +32-7-848-38-44
Brazil 0800-891-5672
China - Sozhou 10-800-130-0492
Columbia 01-800-710-2034
France +33 9 77 55 16 36
Germany 0800 1808321
India 000-800-100-4364
Indonesia 001.803.015.201.1588
Israel 972-77-2201447
Italy 800 782132
Japan 0083-1130713
Korea (South Korea) 003-0813-1273
Malaysia 1-800-81-6266
Mexico 01-800-681-5359
Netherlands 088-221726
Poland 0-0-800-112-4-12
Portugal +351 308 805 635
Russia 8-10-800-2-095-20-12
Spain 900-991-791
Taiwan 008-0114-8471
Thailand 001-800-132-00-9123
Turkey +90-850-766-24-24
UK 0800 917 6863
US 1.800.423.4466

 ...or click on  www.intouchwebsite.com/ferrohotline (global site)