recap: China Glass 2019

Beijing, China

Ferro and Dip-Tech are at China Glass 2019 Beijing, China, May 22-25

Ferro Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation

Ferro and Dip-Tech, its digital glass printing subsidiary, showcased exceptional advances in automotive, appliances, container, and architectural industrial glass printing.

7th St. Thomas, Toronto, Canada. Digitally printed on facade by Standard Bent Glass. Architect: Hariri Pontarini Architects
7th St. Thomas 
Glass Processor and Photos by: Standard Bent Glass
Architect: Hariri Pontarini Architects
Digital ceramic printing solution for automotive, special transportation and industrial glass
Fastest and most versatile printer designed for a wide variety of automotive glass formats
home appliances digital glass printing
First-ever digital glass printing solution for appliances
The show was a huge success, resulting in high-quality customer meetings, and multiple deals closed. Customers and leads alike were impressed by our attractive booth display, as well as the cost-efficiency of our solutions. Many of our automotive OEM customers told us how they now consider digital printing an integral part of their production processes.
Dip-Tech showcased exceptional advances in architectural, automotive, appliances, and container glass printing ay China Glass 2019
China Glass 2019 (May 22-25), digital glass printing by Dip-Tech
Our customers were particularly appreciative of the new Dip-Tech digital gold-based inks, which open the additional sales opportunities they desire.

Ferro’s high-performance products used in glass applications are uniquely formulated to provide environmentally-friendly options.
Ferro’s "traditional" container glass and screen paste color solutions were also on show, providing customers with the best of both worlds, from 100 years of innovation.



Wide array of ceramic digital printing inks for ceramic tiles, dinnerware, automotive replacement glass...


Brilliant decorating colors for onglaze, in–glaze and underglaze applications for ceramics


We are leading global innovation in glass colors.