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Ferro Products and Solutions for Industrial Specialties

Industrial Specialties

Ferro provides engineered product solutions suited to the exacting demands of specialty industrial applications. These include specialty glass frits, glazes, pigments, stains and glazes used in various applications. Our porcelain enamel coatings are formulated to meet specific resistance and color requirements for industrial water heaters, chemical storage vessels and heat exchangers.  
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Anthraquinone Red (PR177)
Pigment Red 177 (C.I. 65300) is an Anthraquinone-based pigment suitable for many applications including industrial coatings, spin dyeing, security printing inks and LCD screen filters.
Basic Chrome Sulfate Liquid
We offer Basic Chrome Sulfate as a non-toxic Cr (IV) free green liquid solution with chemical formula Cr2(OH)2(SO4)2Na2SO4(H2O)6, used as a tanning agent in the leather industry.
Basic Chrome Sulfate Powder
We offer Basic Chrome Sulfate as a green powder with chemical formula Cr2(OH)2(SO4)2Na2SO4(H2O)6 , which is used both as a tanning agent in the leather industry and as a chrome source in chrome platin ...
Benzimidazolone Orange (PO36)
Pigment Orange 36 (C.I. 11780) is a Monoazo of Benzimidazolone range of orange pigments suitable for applications including paints, coatings, plastics, and inks.
Benzimidazolone Yellow (PY151)
Pigment Yellow 151 (C.I. 13980) is a Monoazo of Benzimidazolone chemistry of medium yellow shade suitable for plastics, paints and coatings applications. It has additional limited use in inks applicat ...
Benzimidazolone Yellow (PY154)
Pigment Yellow 154 (C.I. 11781) is a Monoazo of Benzimidazolone range of medium yellow shade pigments that is more reddish in comparison to Pigment Yellow 151. It is suitable for many paints and coati ...
Benzimidazolone Yellow (PY194)
Pigment Yellow 194 (C.I. 11785) is a Monoazo of Benzimidazolone chemistry of greenish to medium yellow shade pigment suitable for plastics and coatings applications.
Bismuth Oxyhalide Orange (PO85)
PO85 is a bismuth-based inorganic pigment providing a unique yellowish orange shade with high chroma and color strength.
Black Iron Oxide (PBk11)
Pigment Black 11 (C.I. 77499) is a black Iron Oxide with chemical formula Fe3O4 and a magnetite structure.
Sample image 75x75
CerMarkĀ® ULTRA paste is an ethanol-based all-in-one black laser marking paste that allows for faster drying time. It is recommended for almost any metal substrate including stainless steel, brass, al ...
Calcium Strontium Phosphosilicate
Ferro offers the Nubirox 300 series of calcium strontium phosphosilicate-based anti-corrosive pigments for use in protective coatings that provide long-term corrosion inhibition of metal surfaces.
Camouflage Pigments
Ferro is a leading manufacturer of camouflage pigments used in military applications.
Chrome Antimony Titanium Buff Rutile (PBr24)
Pigment Brown 24 (C.I. 77310) is a buff chrome titanate complex inorganic pigment with a chemical formula of (Ti,Cr,Sb) O2 and rutile lattice (tetragonal) structure.
Chrome Iron Brown Hematite (PBr29)
Pigment Brown 29 (C.I. 77500) is a complex inorganic pigment of black mixed oxide of Iron (III) and Chrome (III) with chemical formula (Cr, Fe)2O3 and a hematite structure. It is a brownish to bluish ...
Chrome Iron Nickel Black Spinel (PBk30)
Pigment Black 30 (C.I. 77504) is a complex inorganic black mixed oxide pigment of chrome (III), Nickel (II), Iron (II, III) with chemical formula (Ni, Fe) (Cr, Fe)2O4 and a spinel structure. It is a b ...
Chrome Tungsten Titanium Buff Rutile (PY163)
Pigment Yellow 163 (C.I. 77897) is a complex inorganic buff pigment of antimony free chrome titanate with chemical formula (Ti,Cr,W)O2 and a rutile structure. It provides a clean, buff shade.
Chrome Yellow (PY34)
Pigment Yellow 34 (C.I. 77603) is a yellow Lead Chromate with chemical formula PbCrO4.PbSO4 and a monoclinic to rhombic structure, depending on shade.
Chromium Green-Black Hematite (PG17)
Pigment Green 17 (C.I. 77288) is a black mixed oxide of Iron (III) and Chrome (III) with chemical formula Cr2O3 and a hematite structure.