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KORIUM Specialty Ceramic Tile Finishing Materials

Ferro’s KORIUM coating products are the newest line of decorative solutions for ceramic surfaces that offer the perfect combination of functional performance and trending aesthetic looks in interior architecture. KORIUM is ready to use, easy in production, and good for warehouse management.
Designed to create aesthetic, elegant and light matt surfaces, KORIUM is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

Ferro KORIUM Special Ceramic Tile Coatings

A "Tech In–Style Out" Approach
With a technological approach and a focus for taste, our "Tech In-Style Out" approach is at the heart of the development of KORIUM, a tile finishing product that offers different tile surface aesthetical finishes.

“Tech In” reflects the core basis for the foundation of KORIUM coatings, leveraging technique and process.

“Style Out” is about the final aesthetical result.  Our solutions are designed to achieve different levels of softness to touch, while maintaining the lowest light reflection. 

The KORIUM product line of ceramic coatings consists of three different finishes perfect and suitable for natural stones, metal plates, earthen floors, antiqued marbles, and outdoor materials.
Ferro KORIUM Pop Ceramic Tile Coatings

Korium Pop

Korium Pop creates the most dynamic surfaces, suitable to attain modern and charming finishes that simulate clays, earthen floors, varnishes, metal plates, as well as natural materials as plaster. 

Different application solutions allow for very different surfaces, from silky looks to very soft matter surfaces able to simulate the “hand-made” look. All of this maintaining a very low light reflection and the uniqueness of the product.
Ferro KORIUM Glam Ceramic Coatings

Korium Glam

Perfect for indoor design solutions, Korium Glam is the optimal tile coating solution to obtain natural, elegant, antiqued and soft-to the touch surfaces.  Korium Glam creates a finish of the ceramic material that gets extremely close to nature, making it incredibly close to the original.

The very low light reflection and the softness to touch make this ceramic finish ideal for all ceramic surfaces, including big slabs. Korium Glam can also be used to add drama by creating antiqued, satin and silky surfaces.
Ferro KORIUM Rock Ceramic Coatings

Korium Rock

Suitable for all outdoor surfaces for its high anti-slip quality grade, Korium Rock offers key characteristics including a hard touch and total lack of light reflection while at the same time leaving surfaces easy to clean.

With Korium Rock it is possible to readily obtain many different surface levels, which is easily managed in the production process.



Interior Architecture Applications

  • Interior walls
  • Indoor surfaces
  • Floors
  • Large slabs for countertops and furniture design
  • Creates an antiqued marble look

Exterior Architecture Applications

  • Creates a natural weathered look
  • Functional slip resistance with high friction coefficient and easy to clean
  • High transit areas
  • Shower trays
  • Stairs and steps
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Applications Technology Support
We work closely with our customers to co-innovate and develop customized high-performing custom formulations based on individual application requirements.