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Carnival100 Lead-Free Onglaze Colors

Ferro’s Carnival100 color series offers a lead-free and cadmium-free color palette designed for onglaze ceramic decoration of porcelain, bone china, vitreous china and earthenware.

Ceramic plate decorated with lead-free colors using Ferro Carnival100 decorating colors.
The Carnival100 series color range offers 23 shades for onglaze ceramic decoration and four supplementary cadmium colors, designed for a firing range from 800 °C (normal firing) up to 950 °C (fast firing). These colors offer optimum color brilliance as well as mechanical and chemical resistance at general firing temperatures from 850 to 900 °C.
Carnival100 ceramic colors are lead-free and cadmium-free with controls in place to maintain upper limits of 100 ppm lead and 600 ppm cadmium. Our cadmium-containing supplementary colors are lead-free. Ferro maintains and manages the heavy metal limit through careful monitoring of raw materials combined with accurate processing and continuous, precise quality control. 
Ceramic plate decorated with onglaze decoration using Ferro Carnival100 color


  •  All colors fulfil the heavy metal release limits of EN 13881-2, California Prop. 65 and FDA requirements, provided that application and firing is handled correctly
  • High flexibility in decoration designs
  • New color shades for a multitude of design options
  • Excellent processing characteristics

Colors in the Carnival100 series have excellent processing properties in all conventional decorating methods, including direct and indirect screen printing, spraying, machine lining and banding, and brush application.

Ferro also offers a full range of suitable media and covercoats designed for use with all standard decorating methods.

Carnival100 COLORS

10 57070 Flux Transparent
11 57471 Chrome Green
364 c 
11 57472 Blue Green 569 c
11 57473 - Cadmium Colors Apple Green 377 c
12 57171  Cyan 314 c
12 57172 Light Blue  2895 c
12 57014 Cobalt Blue  072 c
12 57174 Cyan Blue 307 c
72 57190 Derby Blue 2746 c
72 57193 Delft Blue 289 c
13 57371  Light Yellow 603 c
13 57372 Ochre 1225 c
14 57871 Black Black 7c 2X
15 57875  Light Gray Cool Grey 7 c
16 57871 Light Brown 157 c
16 57872 Dark Brown 1685 c
77 1640 Rose 203 c 
77 1641 Magenta  207 c
77 1642 Dark Purple 208 c
77 1643 Pink 197 c
77 1644 Maroon 702 c
77 1645 Dark Maroon 201 c
77 1650 Purple 7420 c
77 1651 Light Purple 7634 c
19 57071 White
19 57072 Mixing White
13 57301 - Cadmium Colors Yellow 116 c
17 57701 - Cadmium Colors Orange 151 c
17 57702 - Cadmium Colors Light Red 172 c
17 57703 - Cadmium Colors Red 1795 c
1The above mentioned Pantone® Code is only a guideline for the color shade.
 Pantone® is a registered trademark of Pantone Inc

Global custom color mizing and color matching services



Color Mixing   
We offer custom color mixing services, which gives our customers total flexibility in tailoring color matches on-site, as well as desired gloss and finish.  We also provide testing to ensure the firing stability of mixed shades, mixing guidelines and recommendations for Pantone® color matching.

Color Matching
Ferro provides complete custom color matching services to help our customers develop new colors and finishes to meet specific industry standards and/or unique customer needs.  In addition to matching colors, Ferro can provide formulas to customers using the base/tint system.

Precise color matching can be achieved using our internal extensive database and color matching expertise.  All colors are matched to defined reference samples to ensure exact match and consistent color reproduction from batch to batch.