VNR System lead-free Container Glass Enamels

The VNR System is Ferro's lead-free color range of glass enamels for the decoration of multi-trip glass bottles.


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Ferro offers the VNR System of lead-free container glass enamels that are one of the most durable lead-free container glass enamels in the market. This container glass enamel system is suitable for most chemical compositions used in the production of multi-trip soda-lime glass bottles.

Intermixable Colors for Limitless Possibilities
VNR System container glass enamels are also intermixable, which allows decorators to mix and match their own shades for optimal productivity with minimal inventory.

It is recommended to perform preliminary tests before launching production with color mixtures from this system, especially for combinations of red or yellow cadmium-containing colors (as marked*) with any other colors.    

Our container glass enamels from all systems can be provided in the following forms:
  • Powder form
  • Water-friendly pastes for conventional and electrostatic spraying
  • Oil-based liquid pastes for cold screen-printing
  • Thermoplastic pastes for multi-color hot screen printing
  • Mediums suitable for all applications can also be provided

Colors in the VNR System do not contain voluntary additions of heavy metals that include lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), with the exceptions of the cadmium-containing green, yellow and reds (as marked* below). These use cadmium pigments needed to achieve any applicable market-required color tones. 

The proprietary colors for Coca Cola / Pepsi Cola listed below are fully approved for use by the Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi-Cola International.

Pepsi Cola
GREEN  VNR 1440 336 C White  VNR 9407  
BLUE  VNR 2414 2985 C Coke Red 2000  VNR 7418 * 186 C
BLUE  VNR 2419 640 C Sprite Blue  VNR 2416 293 C
YELLOW  VNR 3414 * 102 C  Sprite Yellow  VNR 3417 107 C
RED  VNR 7424 * 485 C Fanta Blue  VNR 2439 661 C
ORANGE  VNR 7408 * 021 C  Fanta Green  VNR 1412 360 C
BROWN  VNR 6407 490 C  Pepsi Red  VNR 7452 174 C
WHITE  VNR 9407   Pepsi Blue  VNR 2417 293 C
BLACK  VNR 4403   Mountain Dew Red  VNR 7452 174 C
FLUX  VNR 401   Mountain Dew Green  VNR 1427 380 C
ETCH VNR 9421   Teem Yellow  VNR 3434 107 C 
      Coke Zero Black  VNR 4403  
      Mirinda Green VNR 4415 347 C

  • The Pantone references and color prints are provided as an indication of the shade only.
  • The above-mentioned references are randomly selected color shades, please contact your respective Ferro Technical Service representative to get more information on further available colors. 
  • The above-mentioned references refer to the powder form only. If a thermoplastic paste, liquid paste or spraying form is being requested, please also indicate the medium.

Additional colors to our standard color range are also available on demand. 
Please use the product inquiry form to request complete custom color matching from our technical service team.



Ferro provides complete custom color matching services to help our customers develop new color shades.
Color Mixing
We offer custom color mixing services which gives our customers total flexibility in tailoring color matches on-site, as well as applicable gloss and finish.  We also provide testing to ensure the firing stability of mixed shades, mixing guidelines and recommendations for Pantone color matching.

Color Matching
Ferro provides complete custom color matching services to help our customers develop new colors and finishes to meet specific industry standards and/or unique customer needs.  In addition to matching colors, Ferro can provide formulas to customers using the base/tint system.

Precise color matching can be achieved using our internal extensive database and color matching expertise.  All colors are matched to defined reference samples to ensure exact match and consistent color reproduction from batch to batch.