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Ferro offers forehearth colors designed as a cost-effective alternative to production of a vast range of color options usually produced in the glass tank; almost any color that can be produced in the tank can also be produced by forehearth colors.

Glass Forehearth Colors -Color Concentrates, Frits and Pearls
Ferro Forehearth Colors
Ferro Foreharth Color Frits

Ferro offers a wide range of forehearth colorants available as frits, pearls and concentrates. Forehearth coloring can also be used to modify glass colors in the tank, such as the conversion of dead leaf green to antique green for wine bottles.

Forehearth color pearls are a new generation of dust-free in-glass coloring technology

These compacted materials are specially formulated to provide a large range of in-glass color possibilities for premium glass packaging used in perfume bottles, cosmetics packaging, spirits bottles, glass tableware, beverage bottles and architectural glass. 

Special glass compositions such as reduced soda lime, amber, opal, borosilicate and lead-containing glass can also be colored using forehearth colors.

Forehearth color pearls are a new generation of dust-free in-glass coloring technology that deliver a vibrant color range of blues greens, brown, purples, pinks and blacks that are produced using cobalt, chrome, copper, nickel, manganese, selenium and other rare earth elements in various combinations and concentrations to create a large palette of colors, similar to those colors produced by concentrates. 

We also offer environmentally friendly options including nickel-free black forehearth colors for bottles and tableware as a concentrate/frit mixture that allows low feed rates for highly intense colors at a reduced cost.  Our chromium-free forehearth colors are available as frits, pearls and/or concentrates.

Forehearth color frits used in the production of high-quality glass with specific colors.
Ferro forehearth color frits can be used particularly when glass manufacturers operate with small forehearths. Fast smelting behavior and chemical properties close to state of the oxidation-reduction of the glass enables the production of high-quality glass with specific colors.
UVA colors provide UV protection of bottle contents for extended shelf life of beer bottles and glass cosmetic containers.
Available as feeder frits or pearls to produce commercial quantities of fluorescent glass that fluoresce under UVA and laser light. These colors are ideal for beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles and tableware.
All Ferro forehearth color concentrates pearls and frits are heavy metals free, fulfill food contact regulations as well as EU regulations for RoHS and REACH compliance.

Our forehearth color concentrates and pearls deliver many advantages over the traditional method of in-tank coloration.


Improved Productivity
Machine time is reduced during the conversion of a large tank from flint to colored glass production.

Greater Flexibility
Glass colors can be changed quickly and easily for short runs of special colors in the forehearth.


Reduced Energy Consumption
Colored glass produced with forehearth color concentrates and pearls can be produced in large production tanks, which have lower energy requirements per ton of produced glass.


Lower Inventory
Cost reduction can be achieved with inventory reduction as smaller lots of colored glass can be produced on demand, eliminating the need to produce and store large runs of colored glass.


Lower Shipping Costs
Instead of focusing colored glass production in one plant, forehearth coloring can be used at all production facilities, providing more flexibility in shipping options. 

Ferro forehearth color concentrates, pearls and frits are widely used in many industries and applications.

Glass Forehearth Colors for Glass Packaging for Perfume and Cosmetics Packaging Applications
Glass Forehearth Colors for Perfume and Cosmetics Packaging Applications
We provide forehearth color concentrates and pearls to many of today’s leading cosmetics manufacturers with colors such as blacks, deep blues, and grays, as well as intense greens and pinks.
Glass Forehearth Colors for Architectural Glass-Glass Blocks and Rolled Patterned Glass
Glass Forehearth Colors for Glass Blocks and Rolled Patterned Glass
We supply forehearth colorants across Europe, the Middle East and South America to producers of architecture glass including glass building blocks and rolled patterned glass.
Glass Forehearth Colors for Beverage Bottles

Glass Forehearth Colors for Beverage Bottles
Ferro provides glass makers with forehearth colorants to produce a range of hues for product differentiation.

We offer popular colors used in the industry that include cobalt blue, mineral water blues, emerald green, Georgia green, dead leaf green, antique green, Bordeaux green, black and smoke.

Glass Forehearth colors used in Glass Tableware, Ornamental Glass, Votives and Glass Ovenware

Glass Forehearth Colors for Glass Tableware, Ornamental Glass, Votives and Glass Ovenware
Ferro works with leading glass tableware manufacturers to develop and coordinate glass and china lines. Our forehearth color concentrates and pearls can be used with ornamental glass, candle votives, and glass ovenware.

Popular colors we provide include cobalt blue, greens, black, pink, violets and yellows.


Color Mixing    
We offer custom color mixing services which gives our customers total flexibility in tailoring color matches on-site. We also provide testing to ensure the firing stability of mixed shades and mixing guidelines.

Color Matching
Ferro provides complete custom color matching services to match special colors and to help our customers develop new colors and finishes to meet specific industry standards and any unique color needs.  

Precise color matching can be achieved using our internal extensive database and color matching expertise. All colors are matched to defined reference samples to ensure exact match and consistent color reproduction from batch to batch.

Research/Development and Glass Color Expertise 
Our experienced teams can support mid-term and long-term projects as well as custom product development. We also provide customized and sustainable innovative solutions upon request.