Ferro's specialty industrial ceramic pigments are designed to color all types of special glazes and bodies used for industrial ceramics. Our ceramic pigment range contains 25 ceramic stains that exhibit high purity, intensity and brilliance.

Industial ceramic pigments stains


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Ferro's industrial ceramic pigments are designed to color all types of special glazes and bodies used for industrial ceramics.  Our InstantColor®  ceramic pigment  stains offer 25 shades that result in an infinite number of colors that exhibit high purity, intensity, and brilliance within the complete color spectrum.  Significant cost savings can be achieved as colors are easily adjusted right in the barrel.

Our ceramic inclusion pigments create shining red, brilliant orange, and intense yellow color shades of ceramic bodies and glazes at high firing temperatures. This adds much more versatility to the traditional spectrum of colors available to the ceramic world. The chemical and thermal stability of our inclusion pigments also ensures both a high level of production safety and excellent end-product profitability.

A significant environmental advantage of our cadmium-based inclusion pigments is the low amount of cadmium that is able to achieve the desired brilliant color at high firing temperatures. These pigments are stabilized by encapsulation in chemically and thermally stable crystals.

Proven Quality
All the ceramic stains in our InstantColor® range consist of extremely fine, uniformly minute particles that are dissolved instantly.  These colors are readily dispersed in standard slurries, requiring no ball milling, as practically all primary grains are smaller than 32 μm with no coarse agglomerates that need grinding for slurry preparation. 



Optimum Glaze Compatibility
Even in opaque glazes, InstantColor® stains create uniform, defect-free surfaces in both fast-firing and traditional firing conditions.  


Extremely Fine and Uniform Particles
Easier dispersibility, no ball mills, less production time, and less waste. InstantColor® stains can also be prepared using a traditional ball mill.


Cost Effectiveness
InstaColor® ceramic stains are designed to significantly reduce production through the combined use of slurry preparation and fast-firing. By eliminating ball milling there is minimal waste, reduced capital investment, decreased cleanup time, and less disposal water. 


Environmental Compatibility
Our lead-free* stains (with the exception of some sphenes) are particularly suitable for lead-free glazes.
Stains using cadmium to achieve brilliant reds and oranges encapsulate the color crystals in zirconium silicate, creating inert inclusion pigments.


Enables Flexible Production
Without the need for ball mills, small batches can be easily prepared, and colors can be switched from to another quickly, enabling just-in-time production.


 Pigment System  Color  Crystal Structure Tmax/°C  Firing Conditions 
210 950 Cr-Al                              Olive Green      Corund  1400 ox./red
210 946 Co-Al-Cr Green Blue Spinel  1400 ox./red.
210 960 Zr-Si-Pr-V Grass Green Zircon  1250 ox./slightly red.
220 942 Zr-Si-V Turquoise Zircon  1350 ox./red.
220 944 Co-Al Blue Spinel  1450 ox./red. 
220 946 Co-Si Cobalt Blue Olivine  1450 ox./red.
220 955 Zr-Si-V Azure Blue Zircon  1350 ox./red. 
230 942 Zr-Si-Cd-S-Se Brilliant Orange Zircon  1350  ox./red.
230 944 Zr-V Havanna Baddeleyite  1400 ox./red.
230 946 Zr-Si-Pr  Intense Yellow Zircon  1250 ox./slightly red.
230 955 Zr-Si-Pr  Yellow Zircon  1250 ox./slightly red.
240 942 Co-Ni-Fe-C  Black  Spinel  1300 ox./red.
240 944 Ni-Mn-Fe-Cr  Black Spinel  1300 ox./red.
250 942 Sn-Sb-V  Neutral Grey Cassiterite  1300 ox./red.
250 946 Sn-Sb  Blue Grey Cassiterite  1300 ox./red.
250 960* Zr-Si-Co-Ni Blue Grey Zircon  1350 ox./slightly red.
260 946 Zn-Al-Cr-Fe Light Brown Spinel  1300 ox./red.
260 952 Zn-Cr-Fe  Red Brown Spinel  1300 ox./red.
260 954 Zn-Al-Cr-Fe Middle Brown Spinel  1300 ox./red.
260 955 Zn-Mn-Fe-Cr Black Brown Spinel  1300 ox./red.
270 944 Zr-Si-Cd-S-Se Intense Red Zircon  1350 ox./red.
270 945 Ca-Sn-Si-Cr  Rose Sphene  1250 ox.
270 946 Zr-Si-Fe Coral Zircon  1250 ox.
270 949 Ca-Sn-Si-Cr Dark Maroon Sphene  1250 ox.
280 942 Sn-Cr Violet Cassiteritel  1250 ox.

*GHS symbol 08, 09, H phrases 315, 317, 334, 341, 350i, 360D, 372, 411.


Glaze A B
SiO2 60.8   54.7
ZrO2  -  6.1
B2O3 1.5  3.9
Al2O3 9.6  7.6
CaO 12.1  8.9
ZnO 9.5  12.4
MgO 1.7  2.4
Na2O 0.8  0.3
K2O 4.0 3.7

All stains were added to both glazes with 5 weight-%, with the following exceptions:
210 946: 2% in both glazes
210 960: 7% in both glazes
220 944: 2% in both glazes
220 946: 2% in both glazes
280 942: 10% in glaze A


InstantColor® Product Data 


Custom Color Mixing
We offer a standard mixing palette of colors, which gives our customers the flexibility of tailoring mixings and color matches onsite.

Custom Color Matching
Ferro provides complete regional custom color matching, blending and pasting services to help our customers develop new color shades and coatings according to specific requirements including production methods and desired finishes.

Precise color matching can be achieved using our internal extensive database and color matching expertise. All colors are matched to defined reference samples, to ensure exact and consistent color reproduction from batch to batch.



Custom Formulations
We work closely with our customers to co-innovate and develop customized high-performing and economical coloring solutions based on application requirements and operational processing needs, including tailored formulations and formulation guides.

Toll Manufacturing
For customers who need additional manufacturing capabilities, we provide a full range of manufacturing capacities, from pilot runs to full-scale production.