HTP (Hot Melt) Inks

Ferro’s HTP (Hot Melt) organic inks are opaque screen process inks available in solid thermoplastic form for multi-print and over-print container glass decoration.  Available in a wide range of standard colors, the SpecTruLite™ line of hot melt organic inks deliver durable and vibrant designs with superior glass adhesion.

HTP hot melt organic inks


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Ferro’s SpecTruLite™ HTP Series of  hot melt organic thermoplastic inks offer decorators and designers a wide range of opaque standard colors that covers the Pantone spectrum. We also offer other ink options, including CMYK-equivalent inks, special effect inks, metallic effects inks and frosts, and many existing commercial brand color matches. 

Greater Cost Savings  

Our hot melt organic inks are a ready-to-use, single-component formulation designed for multi-print glass decoration and do not require a white underlayer, which can reduce the total amount of white color necessary for decoration and yield cost savings.  As these inks cure at a lower temperature than ceramic inks, less energy is used for heating. They can also be used on the existing printing machines and equipment already used with traditional inorganic glass enamels.

SpecTruLite™ hot melt organic inks dry immediately after printing, allowing the next print to be instantly applied when using a high-speed multi-color decoration machine.

Vibrant Colors that are Environmentally Friendly 
Ferro's organic inks are environmentally friendly inks that are safe to handle and result in reduced emissions compared with traditional ceramic inks. 

The organic formulation is ideal for post-consumer recycling as the contaminant-free inks can be eliminated when the glass is melted.

Ferro’s SpecTruLite™
HTP Series organic inks are heavy metal-free and comply with the following regulations:

  • Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 2004/12/EC
  • CONEG Legislation
  • TSCA
  • California Proposition 65

Ferro’s SpecTruLite™ hot melt organic thermoplastic inks


Ferro’s HTP (Hot Metal) organic inks are ideal for the decoration of a wide range of glass applications:  

  • Glass packaging for cosmetics and perfume containers
  • Glass giftware and advertising specialties
  • Glass tumblers and household containers
  • Glass tableware
  • One-way glass bottles (such as wine, liquor, vodka and other beverage bottles)
  • Multi-trip returnable glass bottles
  • Appliance and decorative flat glass




HTP Organic Inks Properties:

Resin Base in System Solids Flash Point Density Thinning Consumption, 270 Mesh Drying Shelf Life Storage
Epoxy >98% >93°C 1,20 to 1,44 g/cm3 Products ready to use; thinning possible with 001 HP/RTP thinner Approximately 0.03 g/cm2 Dry to the touch after printing 6 months <22°C; best if refrigerated, not below -7°C

Ink at room temperature Opacity Gloss Colors available
Solid Opaque High gloss / frost available Full range



HTP Organic Inks General Performance:

Scuff Resistance  Pencil Hardness MEK / Acetone Double Rubs Boiling Water, 30 min. 24 HR Soak in Water /Ethanol Dishwasher Resistance
Dishwasher Resistance (Professional) Overprintability
>4H >50 Pass Pass Minimum 500 cycles Minimum 900 cycles Can be overprinted under specific conditions; side-by-side printing recommended


HTP Organic Inks Application Methods and Usage:

Application Method Screen Mesh Squeegee Durometer Glass Temperature Cleaning Curing Temperature
Curing Time
Hot screen printing
Stainless steel: 270-325 mesh
For metallic: 160 mesh
For halftone and 360° print: 350-425 mesh 
70-80 shore
Between 27°C and 40°C Acetone, MEK, DBE 200°C Glass temperature 20 min.

*Note: Performance characteristics are based on testing conducted in Ferro development laboratories. Data is given for general comparison only; it is not a guarantee of performance in a particular application. It is always recommended that the customer evaluate the coating for suitability in the intended application. We strongly recommend that all safety precautions be followed as per the relevant Ferro Safety Data Sheet.



HTP (Hot Melt) Organic Inks Product Data


Custom Color Mixing 

Ferro provides complete custom color matching services to help our customers develop new color shades.

We offer a standard mixing palette of colors, which gives our customers the flexibility of tailoring mixings and color matches onsite.

Our basic mixing capabilities include providing high-gloss clears, opaque, metallic, pearlescent and matt colors, as well as colored imitation acid etches. These coating mixes can be applied singly or in combination as an all-over even finish or to deliver diffused flow-out effects. 

Custom Color Matching

Ferro provides complete custom color matching services to help our customers develop new color shades and coatings according to specific requirements, including production methods and desired finishes.

Precise color matching can be achieved using our internal extensive database and color matching expertise. All colors are matched to defined reference samples to ensure exact and consistent color reproduction from batch to batch.