Color Pigment Preparations and Dispersions

Ferro offers a wide range of customized color pigment preparations and dispersions for use in plastics, paints and coatings (thermoset and thermoplastic resins) as well as in cement-based construction applications.

Our multi-pigment preparations are a custom blend of inorganic and organic pigments available in solid or liquid form in order to provide optimal colorant solutions specifically formulated to meet our customers' specific color and performance needs.

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Custom Color Solutions for Construction
Ferro custom color solutions for construction are formulated to meet specific color requirements for the construction industry, providing a wide palette designed for consistent quality and performance ...
Custom Color Solutions for Paints and Coatings
Ferro offers custom color solutions for coatings that include an exceptionally broad range of colors designed to deliver optimal pigment performance at lower costs than single-pigment solutions.
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Custom Color Solutions for Plastics
Ferro offers custom color solutions for plastics as high speed mixed inorganic and organic pigment dry powder blends in a wide range of colors, including any additives as required by our customers in ...
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Liquid Colorants for Thermoplastics
Ferro's Spectraflo ® liquid color concentrates for thermoplastic applications are available in single pigment dispersions and color blends.
Liquid Paste Colorants for Thermosets
Ferro's PDI® color dispersions are formulated for use in thermoset resins and are available in a wide range of resin-matched vehicles for all polyester, epoxy and polyurethane resins as well as with a ...