Chrome Yellow (PY34)

Pigment Yellow 34 (C.I. 77603) is a yellow Lead Chromate with chemical formula PbCrO4.PbSO4 and a monoclinic to rhombic structure, depending on shade.

Chrome Yellow (PY34) Inorganic Pigments Ferro


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Our PY34 Chrome Yellow pigments offer bright yellow shades (middle, lemon and primrose) that are opaque to visible light. Properties include ease of dispersion with excellent dimensional stability resulting in no warping or shrinkage.


Series   Heat fastness  Light fastness  Weather fastness  Acid Fastness  Alkali fastness  Cement compatibility  Solvent fastness 
Conventional (L)

180ºC, 5 min

Middle/Lemon = Fair
Primrose = Low
Middle/Lemon = Medium
Primrose = Low
Low Incompatible Excellent
Resistant (R/S) 200°C-240ºC, 
5 min.
Middle/Lemon = High
Primrose =Fair
Middle/Lemon = High
Primrose =Fair
High Low Incompatible Excellent
Nubiterm K 300ºC, 5 min High High High Low Incompatible Excellent


  • AD-74 – Chrome yellow with a conventional middle yellow shade
  • AD-81 – Chrome yellow with a conventional lemon yellow shade
  • AL-90 – Chrome yellow with a conventional primrose yellow shade
  • AR-73 – Chrome yellow -resistant middle yellow
  • ARS-82 – Chrome yellow resistant lemon yellow
  • Nubiterm AK-74 – Chrome yellow with high heat fastness, middle yellow
  • Nubiterm AK-81 – Chrome yellow with high heat fastness, lemon yellow

N.B. Ferro has not requested the REACH authorization for the use of Chrome Yellows in the European Union.

CHROME YELLOW PY34 Inorganic Pigment for Plastics

  • Plastics: Polyolefins, PS, ABS, PVC, silicones and rubber
  • Coatings: Liquid architectural and industrial, powder, coil and stoving coatings
  • Industrial: High temperature processing, only Resistant and Nubiterm grades


Advanced Color Matching

Ferro technicians combine their talents with today's most advanced computer color analysis equipment to offer our customers precise color-matching services. Our spectrophotometry process minimizes metamerism, speeds up color matching, ensures consistent quality and helps identify the pigment combination that produces any given color for the lowest possible cost and right performance characteristics, including outdoor durability and NIR reflectance.

Ferro can match your color chip/drawdown or we can refer to complete files of OSHA, Munsel, RAL, Federal Standard 595 Series or Pantone® matching systems to achieve your reference number. All of our colors are matched to Ferro standards or your reference sample, ensuring precise color reproduction from order to order.

Providing Formulation Guides/Assistance with Startup Formula Creation

We assist customers in their product development efforts to ensure regulatory compliance (e.g., usage in food, cosmetics) and desired performance including anticorrosion, outdoor durability and NIR reflectance.


Ferro Pigments Lab
Local Laboratory Testing 

Our laboratory facility teams support customers’ production and development activities, including accelerated corrosion testing, weatherability testing, heat build-up and total solar reflectance testing and migration testing.

Custom Formulations

We work closely with our customers to co-innovate and develop customized high-performing and economical coloring solutions based on application requirements and operational processing needs, including custom formulations for paints, coatings, cement, concrete, inks, ceramics, glass, leather, metal and plastics.

Custom Manufacturing

Ferro provides custom manufacturing services to add value to specific projects, particularly in cases which our production facilities and know-how allow our customers to reach cost-efficiency targets or attain higher performing final products.

Toll Manufacturing

For customers who need additional manufacturing capabilities, we provide a full range of manufacturing capacities, from pilot runs to full-scale production.